Schiphol Airport Retail BV sells liquor, tobacco and chocolate in 14 shops behind passport control at Schiphol Airport. Schiphol Airport Retail is a subsidiary of Schiphol Group and is part of the business area ‘Consumers Products & Services’.

Schiphol Airport Retail is the second largest retailer at Schiphol and employs approximately 160 permanent employees.


How can music and sound enhance the buying experience? Schiphol Airport Retail  set out to redesign one of her largest stores. With experience marketing in mind, they challenged BLCKBRD to enhance the overall setting by using music and sound.

Schiphol Airport Retail redesigned the shopping area in five different zones, every zone with it’s own product category. The main objective was to give customers a different experience and feel at every category.




Every product category has its own visitors profile and target audience. To create a general feel in every category, BLCKBRD inventorized and examined each brand in that particular category. Five different sound identities were created on the basis of the corresponding features and characteristics of the brands at each product category.

A crucial point in the design was the correct placement of the speakers. A sound leak between the various zones would be a debacle, as this would reduce the power of the concept. The volume of the music was automated, so the zones would not drown each other.

The result was an award-winning concept and sales went above expectations. This concept will be used in the design of many coming stores.