RevelX was looking for their own sound, to stand out with new radio commercials. They needed an audio identity to reflect their action driven promise, and a sound to build recognition with. 


We designed an audio identity for RevelX which reflects their own brand story and is fresh, active and inspiring. We created the audio logo as a three note sequence on top of which the brand name is whispered. This way both name- and sound recognition grow simultaneously. On top of this, the whispering suggests a well kept secret that you must definitely check out. The three-note logo sequence is also heard at the start and throughout  the commercial, and at the end obviously. 

We also did the voice search, looking for a brand voice that reflects the vision and culture of RevelX: entrepreneurship, authority, boldness, prevalence.

This audio identity has been applied for a 10 seconds radio commercial, but is designed for further utilizations.