The Prinses Maxima Centrum for paediatric oncology specialises in treating childhood cancers. As one of the best centers in the world, they strive to cure cancer and to ensure that children can develop as they would without such a condition. The Prinses Maxima Centrum aims to provide optimal care for parents whose child is under treatment and focuses on providing all the facets of support a family might need.


Music and sound can be incredibly important when dealing with something as difficult as sickness. The Prinses Maxima Centrum has asked BLCKBRD to look into this subject in the broadest sense. An audio identity that can enhance communication, sounds that create a feeling of trust and comfort to ensure the best possible correspondence. Audio as stress reducer. The implications of sounds coming from various machines or treatments. Moreover, BLCKBRD explored the function of music and the possibility of sonic presence in different areas of the hospital.