As one of the major lease companies worldwide, operating in 30+ countries, LeasePlan feels the responsability to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. In their game, the world of mobility, things are developing constantly, and the big question LeasePlan wants to keep asking is ‘What’s next?’

LeasePlan completely restyled their brand around this all-encompassing question early 2017, and BLCKBRD is proud to say we were asked to design the brand sound.

Honoured to be finalist at the international Music and Sound Awards 2018 with our LeasePlan Sound!


To design, write and produce the new musical DNA for a brand which has clearly set it’s mind on the future, and is determined to keep ahead of the game. And to do this within a period of 8 weeks, delivering in time for the big international event in Amsterdam on which the new brand identity was going to be presented.

LeasePlan - Brand animation


In close coorperation with brand design agency Design Bridge we built a brand score which reflects the core values and new brand story of LeasePlan. Musical elements that translate the ideas of fast moving, autonomy, being upfront and innovative while explicitly keeping the human feel.

This resulted in an uptempo syncopic percussive rhythm track combined with erratic electronic sounds and effects, handclaps and plucked accoustic instruments (strings/guitar). The music has the tension of a dance track, with industrial elements. By adding the plucked strings and claps, the human factor is introduced.

One of the main elements in the new brand design is the orange ‘journey line’, which accompanies each story with stop/go! movement. This hesitation, or in fact question?/answer! movement is reflected in the composition as well.

According to our creed, BLCKBRD then set about designing the other relevant audio parts based on the above. Audio logo, video underscores, all event audio, idents and so on. We constructed the audio logo and a intro leader counterpart, to be used at the beginning and ending of each and every audiovisual production. 

Audio Identity