In 1691¬†Joanness Nolet settled in Schiedam to start his long live dream, to distill the number one spirit in the world. Over 300 years later we can come to the conclusion that the Nolet family has kept his dream not only alive, but also build upon that with their own vision. Ketel One got it’s name from the kettle the first Ketel One Vodka was distilled, namely “Distilleerketel #1”. By working closely together with the bartender world, which is considered family, Ketel One manages to stay on top of the drinking trends. Delivering quality Vodka and innovate to new flavors, like Ketel One Citroen, they manage to stay one of the most esteemed vodka brand in the world.


Ketel One Vodka has a clear visual brand identity, a stately black and white combined with a gallant dark red brings out the quality that Ketel One Vodka stands for. Their commercials show successful man and woman in the prime of their lives enjoying quality goods and having a relaxed and good time. So how does all this sound? Ketel One Vodka challenged BLCKBRD to find the sound that embodies all that Ketel One Vodka stands for. From their long history in Schiedam to their prestige place they hold now in the world of Vodka, BLCKBRD will find the right sound for the right vodka.