Following the success of the Johnnie Walker House launches in Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul, Schiphol Airport Retail partnered with Johnnie Walker to create the Johnnie Walker House Schiphol.  The soul of every house is ‘The Art of Living’, which stands for a lifestyle of luxury and enjoyment. Johnnie Walker House Amsterdam Airport Schiphol opened in December 2015 and was the first one in Europe.



Johnnie Walker House and Schiphol Airport Retail challenged BLCKBRD to create a music program that is unique and suitable for the house. One that represents their affiliation with luxury and reflects the company’s mantra ‘keep walking’. This cosmopolitan lifestyle needs to be transformed into a fitting sound identity.




The Johnnie Walker House offers a luxury experience that is true to the values of the brand as a whole. This luxury lifestyle values heritage and associates itself with high-class consumption of music, design, and art.  This led BLKBRD to not only design the sound identity, but also assist in finding the right equipment to match brand values. BLCKBRD facilitated placement and installation for the optimal sound experience and consulted on the look-and-feel of the technical equipment such as speakers.

To match the interior, BLCKBRD created a sound profile that reflects upon the realm of exclusivity, luxury, originality and craftsmanship. BLCKBRD proposed a fusion of classical and jazz with modern beats. Tracing back to the heritage of Johnnie Walker as a brand, the idea to mix classical music with modern influences, comes from the idea that heritage is existent in modern times, and is adaptable while still faithful to its history. A cosmopolitan attitude while still maintaining a smooth, calm, and somewhat domestic feel. In line with Johnnie Walker’s slogan ‘keep walking’ the music will keep a rhythm that corresponds with a walking-tempo beats-per-minute.