The Euro Hockey League is the biggest hockey event in the world. Formed in 2007 the tournament features 24 hockey clubs of the highest ranked hockey countries in Europa. In 5 rounds these teams will battle eachother to win the fiercely coveted EHL Cup. The success of the EHL formula, which combines the best hockey players and clubs on the European continent with the newest innovations for the game itself, has brought hockey to a significantly wider audience and higher level. The games are being watched by millions on their channels.


The Euro Hockey League challenged BLCKBRD to find a way to tell the story of the biggest hockey tournament in the world through music. The Euro Hockey League wants to push the tournament to a higher stature and present the players as real sports heroes. Also, the game and tournament itself should keep it’s forward thinking and modern energetic identity. Moreover, BLCKBRD will be looking at all the different touchpoints and how they can be used so that a visit to a EHL match will be a unique experience which will never be forgotten. 


After immersing ourselves in the fast and furious game of hockey BLCKBRD wrote and produced the complete musical suite for the EHL tournament. It is based on a four-note melody, which has a four-chords phrase as counterpart.

The combination between the heroic, classical beginning (french horns!) and the electronic/dance parts is typical for the EHL sound. Also during the game music is applied to mark several important and re-occuring events such as goals, penalty corners and video referee requests. All these tunes have their own ‘hook’, next to the consistently applied EHL theme chords and melody. During the game a DJ operates the control pad with all these tunes.