Delta Lloyd as a brand will unfortunately cease to exist, as it has been taken over by NN Group late 2016. In 1969 Delta Lloyd was born when the insurance company Delta and NedLloyd merged together. Since then Delta Lloyd has been offering saving accounts, insurance and financial planning to millions of people in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Besides being a well known established insurance company, Delta Lloyd was also the proud sponsor of all kinds of water-related sports. 


As part of a complete rebranding route in 2016, Delta Lloyd asked BLCKBRD to develop their new brand sound. A sound which would set them apart from the competition, which would tell their brand story in no uncertain terms, and which would be future proof (little did we know then…).


BLCKBRD produced a unique brand score, based on the brand story and core values. This brand score is the blueprint for the sound of Delta Lloyd. The specific musical elements used in this score tell the brand’s story, make it’s sound unique, and should therefore be used in all future audio used by the brand. BLCKBRD produced variations on the brandscore as well as various other tracks.

We also produced the audio logo, and did an elaborate search for the new brand voice. We finally chose and recorded Dutch rtv host and actor Eric Corton, who ticked all the right boxes.

BLCKBRD worked in close cooperation with storytelling agency Lemon Scented Tea on this one. 


Audio Logo