As one of the Hanzesteden along the river IJssel, Kampen is a very distinctive old trade town. It has a rich history and despite it’s size it has a lot to offer it’s tourists. The ambitious city marketing department decided to take it’s exposure one step further by using sound as a brand tool. Kampen is one of the first cities to do so in The Netherlands.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the project couldn’t unfold as was planned (yet!). We hope it will soon.


The sound of Kampen is build around a central melody, which also forms the audio logo. The harmony ends with an open chord, to emphasize the hospitable and welcoming nature of the city. The melody has been woven into a composition, the so-called city score.  Some aspects, typical for the city, are present in the score:

  • headstrong beat
  • waterdrops-like sounds
  • melody like a wave
  • various musical styles: classical, brass band, modern, organ, carillon
  • church bells

Several noticable, recognizable sounds recorded in the city have been used:

  • water
  • harbour
  • bridge alarm
  • church bells

The cityscore has two parts. Part A always has the melody and chords as written, whereas part B can be arranged freely using the written chords.