Chefit Freshpack is a new fresh vegtable concept which will be all over Europe soon. The idea is to sell fresh products in a ready to go package, enabling the customer to cook an out-of-the-ordinary, chef-worthy (side-)dish within hardly any time. The packages will be accompanied by a recipe card and a link to a short how-to video.


To create music that supports the try-this-at-home message of the products. Well crafted pieces of music that sound easy, can be listened to several times in a row, and stick in your head right away. Also create a short soundlogo, an additional soundlogo for every product category and define the voice of the brand.


Conveying the Chefit ’try-this-at-home’ message into music and sound, we composed and produced custom music that sounds home made as well, using sounds and recording instruments in a way that easily blends in with the kitchen sounds around the end-user, who is easily humming along with the tune while ‘cheffing’ their dish. Because of the expected number of tunes and the way the movies will be watched, there needs to be enough variety in style, while maintaining the basic feel of the brand.

The Chefit Freshpack product line will have numerous categories, which have their own packaging design details within the overall design. For each category we create a specific soundlogo which will sound at the start of every movie, and is incorperated in the music. This way the customer will also identify the category on audio level.

The voice of Chefit is a clear, confident and cheerful male voice which underlines the idea that it is easy to make these great dishes yourself, like a Chef. Each movie ends with the message ‘You cheffed it!’, turning every cook into a Chef, and coining a new verb in the process!