BLCKBRD | Basic-Fit sound branding


Basic-Fit is a low-budget high-quality gym with locations all over Europe. Working along pillars such as innovation, affordability and quality, Basic-Fit has established a leading position in the field of budget fitness. Basic-Fit offers fitness, group- and virtual workouts for the whole family, and by doing so provides the tools for any fitness goal, whether this is weight loss, cardio training, or strength development.


The concept of Basic-Fit (low-budget, high-quality) is almost to good to be true. At least that’s the common perception. Basic-Fit has challenged BLCKBRD to come up with an audio-identity that ensures consistency on all touch-points, and enhances brand recognition. For many, music is vital to a positive experience when working-out and Basic-Fit wants to enhance that experience by making music an integral part of the brand. All interaction with costumers needs to be marked by a recognisable sound. From callcenter, to sound logo, to what’s playing at the clubs.


BLCKBRD mapped out all the touchpoints Basic-fit has with their customers and provided them with a fitting sound and music. To fit with the brand movability BLCKBRD provided five different styles of music (pop, disco, edits, soul and indy rock) which can be freely used whenever seen fit. Due to the differences of the styles of music, being slow or upbeat, Basic-fit can use the music to fit the time of day and mood of the customers. 

The fitness centre is just one of many touchpoints and BLCKBRD made sure to find a sound for the advertisements (See on top of page) that fits well with the relaxed, every-day-man voice that the target audience of Basic-fit can identify themselves with. By using light music it emphasizes the low-threshold, high quality brand that Basic-fit is and goes well with the message that fitness is for everybody.